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 V.Krishnakumari On behalf of Lakshmi Griha Apartments

The Information System and Technology Planning (ISTP) Project was taken up during 2006-07 and completed in April 2007. Under this project all 200 Depots, 15 Area Offices, Stores and Unit Offices have been provided with computers and interconnected to the central server in Head Office using Oracle ERP, Optical Fiber Cables and wireless network.  This has facilitated the consumers to pay their water taxes and charges in any of the Depots, Area Offices or Head Office, irrespective of the location of their residence/property and the payments are updated on-line. Now, there is no need for the consumers to go to the respective Depots to pay their taxes and charges.

Further, the consumers can pay their dues even from outside the city, using the website of the Board and credit card.

2. On-line Grievances and Redressal :

Using Information System and Technology Planning (ISTP), the complaints of the consumers are registered and forwarded on-line to the respective Depots for redressal.  Even if the complaints are registered in any of the Depots, Area Offices or Head Office, the computer will forward them to the appropriate Depot for attention.  The complaints are redressed as per the time frame prescribed in the Citizenís Charter and if not, the complaints will be escalated automatically by the computer system to the higher officials for immediate attention.

The consumers can also register their complaints through the website of the CMWSS Board and by e-mail to the Area Engineers.  By this system, the complaints are brought to the attention of the appropriate officials for redressal, without any loss of time.

3. e-tendering :

In order to bring further transparency in the tendering process the government has amended the Tamilnadu Transparency in Tenders Rules  to enable electronic filing of tenders. To achieve this, as a first step, CMWSS Board, started making available, various Notice Inviting Tenders and the tender documents on the Boards website to facilitate the bidders to download the documents. The interested bidders can download the document, free of cost, and submit the tenders even without visiting Boardís office.

Now, the Board has implemented e-tendering process for the procurement of works and materials. In order to create awareness among the potential bidders and familiarize them with the e-tendering process, a special training program on e-tendering system was also organized for the contractors and suppliers.